Eugene Sprinkler Systems

Everyone loves a lush, green lawn. Homeowners love a yard and grounds that look well-tended and well-cared for. But one of the most time consuming parts of caring for a yard is watering it. Few people want to spend all day chasing a hose around the yard. Most people don’t have the time to watch a sprinkler. So a great choice for a lush yard is a sprinkler system to keep lawns, flowers, vegetables and yards in general properly watered.

A & K Landscaping services the Eugene, Oregon area, provide expert Eugene sprinkler systems. Alan and Keith Marchant, owners of A & K Landscaping, will design and install just the right sprinkler system for any home or business needs. This landscape service is not only affordable but has an expert crew that will keep your yard looking fantastic.

Alan Marchant is the landscaping professional. He is also an irrigation expert, with a special interest and expertise in using water efficiently. Everyone wants a green lawn, but no one wants to spend more money than they need to to have lush grounds. Alan will help any home or business owner design, install and maintain the most efficient sprinkler system to keep any landscaping investment looking its very best.


A & K Landscaping takes care of their customer’s Eugene sprinkler systems. They are ABPA certified back flow testers. They know exactly how to care for a sprinkler system and keep it running smoothly and efficiently for many years to come. They offer , no obligation proposals for installing and maintaining any sprinkler system, no matter how large or small. A & K Landscaping will start a sprinkler system up in the Spring, maintain the system throughout the year, and winterize the sprinkler system at the appropriate time in the fall. Alan Marchant can locate sprinklers and wires when the need arises. He is also able to troubleshoot and repair sprinkler systems so they work to their customers’ best advantage.

It is possible to have a lawn and yard that is the envy of the neighborhood. A & K Landscaping professionals can take much of the hassle of lawn and yard care off their customer’s hands by providing a water efficient sprinkler system to keep grounds green. Customers can enjoy a beautiful yard without the work of pulling hoses and setting sprinklers. Call A & K today for a proposal for an affordable sprinkler system.

Eugene Sprinkler Systems