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There’s nothing quite like having your own beautiful outdoor living space. It combines the joys of the great outdoors with the pleasures of relaxing at home.

Outdoor living features come in a variety of categories and styles. You might want a Eugene outdoor living contractor to build an entire room: a patio, kitchen, or dining room, to name a few examples. On the other hand, you might be interested in a structure that will simply provide shade or a decorative item like a cobblestone pathway.

Either way, your new outdoor element will enhance the magic of being at home with your family and friends. Telling stories and basking in the glow of one another’s company will be more pleasurable than ever.

Wood You Be Mine?

What would really spruce up your property? What do many homeowners pine for? (We hope you like these puns.) The answer is wooden structures. They’re timeless and elegant, and it’s fun to spend time in and around them.

There are many outdoor wooden design elements you can choose from. They include fences, decks, pergolas, pagodas, and gazebos. They have different functions and purposes, but each looks terrific up close and from a distance. And they all make gardens even more winsome and delightful.

eugene oregon outdoor living
outdoor living contractors eugene oregon

Keep the Home Fires Burning

When you’re thinking about your new outdoor space, you should consider one of humanity’s early inventions: fire. A fire is a natural place to gather around; people revel in light and warmth. Indeed, fire pits are ideal for evening parties and for those marvelous summer nights when you and the kids pitch tents and camp out in the backyard.

Of course, you could use your fire pit to roast marshmallows and grill hamburgers, steaks, and more. The aromas would be irresistible.

Now You’re Really Cooking

Maybe you have more ambitious plans for your outdoor cooking than a few hot dogs now and then. Perhaps you’d like to regularly prepare entire meals for your family, friends, and assorted guests. In that case, an outdoor kitchen would be right for you.

Today’s outdoor kitchens can be used all year long. Even better, they can contain anything that an indoor kitchen could have. Yes, a Eugene outdoor kitchen contractor could supply you with a gas stove, an electric stove, a fan, a refrigerator, gorgeous counters, cabinets, and ornate lighting features, among other alluring options.

eugene oregon outdoor living contractors

Do you or members of your family have frequent pizza cravings? If so, you could add a wood-fired oven to your outdoor kitchen. Open flames work wonders on pizza dough; somehow, they make those pies extra delicious. Not to mention, these ovens are quite handsome.

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Dining Amid Nature

A dining area would make another fine addition to your backyard. Your Eugene outdoor kitchen contractor could build it right next to your outdoor kitchen. Alternatively, if you prefer cooking food inside and bringing it outside, your outdoor dining space could stand on its own.

You have wide leeway when planning such a dining area. Obviously, you can decide how large it will be. You can also select the chairs, the lighting elements, the serving stations, and the other fixtures that appeal to you. The most important thing is that you fashion an outdoor dining room where you and your loved ones can feel at ease while you breathe in the fresh air and admire the sunsets and the stars.

At Your Service

Now, you may love your outdoor kitchen so much that you want to make it even bigger. A great way to expand this space is to give it a serving station. It’s an area where you can seat your guests, give them their food, place extra appliances, and install a bar. At that bar, grown-ups can indulge in adult beverages, and children can savor milkshakes, smoothies, and other scrumptious treats. Bottoms up, everyone!

These outdoor bars can be small, seating just two or three people. Then again, they can be long and quite elaborate, boasting heating and plumbing fixtures as well as cabinets. What’s more, they come in a wide range of styles.

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outdoor living eugene oregon outdoor living

Grilled to Perfection

Maybe you’re not interested in a full outdoor kitchen, or maybe you just don’t have room for one. At the same time, you might like a place to barbecue and entertain people when the weather is warm. In that case, a special barbecue area, sometimes called a cook station, could be the right choice for your property.

A cook station isn’t large, but it can contain everything you’d need for an outdoor party or a family meal. In addition to the grill, such a station could feature comfortable seating, a section for serving, and even a bar.

Pave and Save

Let’s talk a little about paving stones, which are also known as pavers. It’s amazing to see the difference they can make to the visual appeal of a home exterior. They always add variety, charm, texture, and personality to swimming pools, driveways, and yards.

Pavers aren’t just attractive; they’re practical as well. After all, they’re extremely easy to take care of, and they can stay in top-notch shape for a long time. While asphalt and concrete each have their advantages, they require considerably more maintenance, which can be pricey. Indeed, those materials are more prone to cracking and other kinds of damage.

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