Water Features Eugene Oregon

A & K Landscaping designs, builds and maintains water features for residential and commercial businesses located throughout Eugene Oregon and surrounding areas. Our self-sustaining waterfalls and features provide low maintenance, while providing a high level of enjoyment for all.

Waterfalls and Features

Waterfalls are the perfect backdrop to any home or business yard. Bringing a Back Yard Waterfall as a focal point into your yard is a way to bring endless elegance to be enjoyed for many years to come.
Water is one of the finest sources of life, because without water, there is no life. Waterfalls are used in various ways and no longer must be formed naturally within your world. A & K Landscaping can design and create your man made waterfall that will be a unique masterpiece for your outdoor living environment. No matter the size of your outdoor living space, we can meet the design preferences of our client’s wants, needs and imagination. Our waterfalls are made to look as natural as possible, so as to offer the feeling and the sound of being in natural environment.
No matter your waterfall needs, we can do them all, from plant life, pathways, decks, bridges, flowers, shrubs, lighting, grass and even tropical elements.

Waterfall Garden

A waterfall garden is a beautiful way to combine the element of water into any environment. Waterfall gardens are referred to as pond less waterfalls or “disappearing waterfalls”. The idea is to create a waterfall within a garden where the water is circulated, but gives the appearance of disappearing into a small graveled bed. However, the water is simply stored in an underground system which is continuously circulated into the waterfall. This type of waterfall is almost maintenance . Since there is no pond it is a perfect water feature for families with small children.

Waterfall Gardens and Ponds

Waterfall gardens that have a pond are a terrific and serene waterscape feature for their decorative appeal and the relaxing sound of the water. However they can also be a natural living home for fish life and plant life. Many home and business owners love having fish in their waterfall gardens and often will choose a design that has a pond. The ability of having a living aquarium filled with fish in your backyard has become very common when home or business owners are looking for a tranquil and relaxing setting with their waterfall gardens.

Water Feature


If you are looking towards a pond with live fish, Koi fish ponds are becoming a popular addition to many residential and commercial yards. Homeowners and business owners alike can utilize this type of application in their very own yard for all to enjoy.

Koi fish are very low maintenance aside from feeding and proper filtration of the pond. Fish ponds can also feature a variety of aquatic plants which are beneficial for fish for feeding. Plants will also enhance the look of the fish pond and help to blend in with all other surrounding gardens and landscape.

Call us (541) 206-9039 or contact us today to request an estimate so that you may start experiencing the tranquility that awaits you and your guests by creating a natural looking waterfall within your outdoor living space.

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