Landscaping Eugene Oregon

Nature’s beauty is abundant in the Pacific Northwest. That is why A & K Landscaping offers affordable residential and corporate services to make every landscape reflect Oregon’s beauty.

The Right Choice for Any Budget:
A & K Landscaping can provide the very best landscape maintenance for any budget, and we are committed to making sure that your landscape is optimized for health and beauty.

Even if you only need one-time, clean-up landscaping Eugene Oregon is more beautiful after an A & K visit. We seek to exceed your expectations so that you will trust us with monthly or even weekly maintenance services.

Landscaping Eugene Oregon Services and More:
A & K understands that a beautiful landscape both reflects on the owner and improves curb appeal. That is why over 70 monthly management clients rely on our expert care to ensure that their landscapes are beautiful outdoor extensions of their indoor living spaces.

A & K offers a variety of services. Choose one or combine them to fit your needs and your budget.

  • Let us make your day with a one-time clean-up.
  • Contract full-service maintenance for your home or office.
  • Get weekly service and leave the routine maintenance to us.
  • We prune your shrubbery and mulch underneath.
  • Let us aerate and dethatch your lawn so that it can grow uninhibited.
  • Since a building enhances or detracts from the landscape’s beauty, we even power wash siding and apply roof moss control treatments.

Landscaping Expertise:
A & K has the corporate and individual knowledge to keep your outdoor space in enviable condition:

  • Native plant recommendations keep your outdoor spaces easy to maintain.
  • Proper fertilization requires extensive scientific knowledge and experience.
  • Sometimes Oregon soil needs amendments. We know when and where to apply them.
  • No landscaping looks inviting without weed removal. We do this and prevent their return.
  • We even rake and conduct general clean-up if necessary.

Truly A & K really does offer everything to both maintain and enhance the natural beauty. Whether a landscape is traditional or ecologically sensitive with a focus on native plants and water management, we have the expertise to care for it, feed it, maintain it and make it stand out from the rest.

Landscaping Eugene Oregon