Lawn Drainage Solutions Eugene

Landscaping adds value to residential and commercial properties. Maintenance is required to keep landscapes beautiful, vibrant and healthy, and we are the leading Eugene Oregon landscape maintenance contractors.

Maintenance requires a thorough knowledge of plants, soil, water, temperature, sun and shade. Flower beds, shrubs, trees and lawns thrive under the proper conditions.

A landscape has a specific design and purpose for every element. For example, borders provide privacy and reduce noise. Plants are selected to blend with structures or create contrasts. Focal points and hardscapes add interest. Holiday lighting is cheerful.

Healthy soil produces healthy plants that thwart disease. Plants have nutrient requirements. Roots absorb only the amount of nutrients they need. Lawns need the correct proportion of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen to thrive.

Our maintenance includes fertilization. The fertilizer is applied at the right time of year, in the right amount and under the right circumstances. Whether chemical or organic fertilizer is applied, the key is correct applications so plants flourish and the environment is fine. Our professionals take care of both.


Root systems may be close to the surface or deep into the ground. Plants may suffer from too little rain or too much. Soil can allow water to pass through quickly, taking nutrients away, or be so hard the water and nutrients cannot easily reach the roots. Lawn drainage solutions Eugene solve the problem of too much water. Lawn drainage is a common problem which invites diseases and fungi. The problem may be the soil or poor lawn grading. Adequate drainage creates a green and lush lawn.

If the lawn is poorly graded, a building’s foundation as well as the lawn may be damaged. Water needs to be directed away from the foundation. If water settles in the middle of the lawn, lawn drainage solutions Eugene can solve the problem at an affordable price.

We tailor our skills to your needs. Our experts will maintain the property, whether it’s weekly, every month or once. The lawn is fertilized and mowed to the optimal height. Weeds are removed and controlled. Leaves are raked and soil amended. The property is left clean. We take pride in providing exceptional yard maintenance at a reasonable cost.

Our experts provide Eugene landscape maintenance services to over 70 sites every month. We have the tools, experience and training to keep your property looking fabulous. Contact us today with any questions you may have regarding our excellent Eugene landscape maintenance services and lawn drainage solutions Eugene.

Lawn Drainage Solutions Eugene